Margaret Lee Female View treeBorn:
Father: Joseph Lander Lee Mother: Florence Marsh Lee
Children: Norman James McClaskey , Ruby Marie McClaskey , Franklin John McClaskey, III
Siblings: Glenola Lee
Spouse: Franklin John McClaskey Jr.

Birth place: Pennsylvania

Her mother was born in England and her father was born in Scotland. In the 1930 U.S. Census, Margaret Lee incorrectly lists her father’s birthplace as England, probably because it was not fashionable to be from Scotland. You see, they had not yet seen Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

Margaret Lee married Franklin John McClaskey Jr. in 1920. I’m not sure of the exact date of their marriage, but it had to be between June 5, 1920 and October 29, 1920.

It is interesting that on January 10th, 1920 (the date on the 1920 Census record), Franklin was still single and living with his parents. These two lovebirds, Franklin and Margaret, must have been cooking something up in secret, because their firstborn son, Franklin John McClaskey, III was born September 30, 1920.

Information about Margaret Lee McClaskey taken from the 1930 U.S. Census:

Franklin John McClaskey Jr and Margaret McClaskey, 1930 US Census

Franklin John McClaskey Jr and Margaret McClaskey, 1930 US Census

By April 4, 1930, Margaret Lee and Franklin McClaskey, Jr. had been married 10 years. By this time, they had four children, of whom our dearest Norman James McClaskey was the youngest. And although both Margaret and Franklin were Pennsylvania natives, they had moved to Ohio at some point between 1920 and 1923. Their firstborn son, Franklin, was born in Pennsylvania, but their other three children were born in Ohio. As of this 1930 Census, they lived in Weathersfield Township in Trumbull County, Ohio, at McDonald Heights.