Lois Elizabeth McClaskey and her mother, Lois Humphries, 1980Lois Elizabeth
Female View treeBorn: 1917-01-27 Died: 1996-06-14
Father: Unspecified Mother: Unspecified
Children: Lois Elizabeth Fagan McClaskey
Spouse: William O Fagan

Death place: Miami, Florida

In the picture above, Lois Elizabeth is the second lady from the left. The first lady from the left is her daughter.

Lois Elizabeth married William O Fagan and had two children with him. They were divorced in 1946 in Dade County, Florida. See the record in the image below; it’s the third line from the bottom.

William O. Fagan and Lois Elizabeth, Florida Divorce index, 1946 Dade County

William O. Fagan and Lois Elizabeth, Grandma Liz’s parents, divorced in 1946 when she was a little girl.