Laura McClaskey

Laura McClaskey Female View treeBorn: 1852 Died: 1936
Father: Unspecified Mother: Unspecified
Children: Maude McClaskey , Franklin J. McClaskey
Spouse: Isaac O McClaskey

Information about Laura Gilbert McClaskey taken from the 1920 U.S. Census:

Franklin J McClaskey Jr and Katie Annie, 1920 US Census, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

1920 US Census, Isaac and Laura McClaskey, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Laura is listed as the Mother of Franklin J. McClaskey on the 1920 U.S. Census. Laura McClaskey was 67 years old as of January 10, 1920. She was born about 1852 or 1853. Laura was born in Ohio. She was the wife of Isaac O. McClaskey. You can see her listed on line 15 of the Census. (This 1920 record is the most difficult to read and blurry of all my antique documents.) As of this Census on January 10, 1920 they lived in:

Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Township: Westview Borough
House number: 362

Information about Laura McClaskey taken from the 1930 U.S. Census:

Isaac McClaskey, Laura and Maude McClaskey, 1930 US Census

Isaac McClaskey, Laura and Maude McClaskey, 1930 US Census

By 1930, Laura and her husband, Isaac McClaskey, lived in the household of their son-in-law, Henry G. Pomrenke, who was married to their daughter, Maude. As of this Census on April 15, 1930 they lived at 217 Harrison Avenue, Avalon Borough, Ward 1, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

Laura married Isaac McClaskey when she was 20 years old and Isaac was 30. This is only valid if we assume that they were each other’s first spouses, because the census asks for their “age at first marriage.” They were married about 1872. I know of only two children that they had: Franklin J. McClaskey and Maude McClaskey.

Laura is listed as being age 79 as of April 15, 1930. So according to this Census, she must have been born about 1851 or 1852. There is a discrepancy between this and Laura’s age in the 1920 U.S. Census. Because according to the 1920 Census, she had to be born between January 11, 1852, and January 10, 1853. But according to this 1930 Census, she had to be born between April 16, 1850 and April 15, 1851. I’m sticking with the data from the 1920 Census, assuming that we forget our exact birth dates as we get older. Laura was 79 by the time of the 1930 Census…or was she 78? Or even 77?

Although Laura was born in Ohio, Laura’s mother and father were both born in Pennsylvania. So there was some traveling done by Laura’s parents, from Pennsylvania to Ohio. Our beloved Laura ended up returning to her parent’s home state, Pennsylvania, as an adult.

I have yet to discover Laura McClaskey’s maiden name. I will post updates here.


According to a tombstone pictured, her name is Laura Gilbert. She was born in 1852, and died in 1936.


  1. The source of my information on Isaac O, Jean Thayer. She is (was?) the granddaughter of Alice (Lodwick) Herrick. My source is a letter from her to my wife’s grandmother, Laura (McClaskey) Maberry, probably soon after 1967.

    She states that Isaac’s wife’s maiden name was Laura Gilbert. Laura’s parents were Benjamin Gilbert (1807-1899) and Polly B Leiby (1816-1893).

    Laura (Gilbert) McClaskey is buried at Oakwood Cemetery with her husband, and you can find her year of Birth (1852) and Death (1936) on her grave there, per Find A Grave (Memorial# 77289588)

  2. Wish I could edit my prior post. I mentioned Jean Thayer as my source, but left out that she is the great-great granddaughter of Benjamin and Polly (Leiby) Gilbert, Laura (Gilbert) McClaskey’s parents.

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