Katie Annie McClaskey

Katie Annie McClaskey Female View treeBorn: 1875-07 Died: 1923
Father: Unspecified Mother: Unspecified
Children: Franklin John McClaskey Jr. , Laura Sarah Lee McClaskey , Benjamin G. McClaskey , Alvin E. McClaskey , William F. McClaskey
Spouse: Franklin J. McClaskey

Katie Annie was born in Pennsylvania in July of 1875.

Information about Katie Annie McClaskey taken from the 1900 U.S. Census:

Franklin J. McClaskey, Katie Annie, 1900 US Census

1900 US Census, Franklin J. McClaskey, Katie Annie

As of this census on June 5, 1900, Katie ( incorrectly spelled, Kattie ) Annie was 24 years old. She would turn 25 in July of that year. She lived with her husband, Franklin McClaskey, and thier 3 sons. As of this census, they lived on Spring Street, in Millvale Borough, Ward 2, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Katie Annie had been married to Franklin J. McClaskey 4 years; so they married about 1896.

Kate Annie’s father was born in Ohio, and her mother was born Ireland.

Information about Katie Annie McClaskey taken from the 1910 U.S. Census:

Franklin J McClaskey and Katie Annie, 1910 US Census

1910 US Census, Franklin J McClaskey and Katie Annie

Katie Annie mistakenly listed her age as 35. As of this Census on April 28, 1910, she must have still been 34 years old, since she was not due to turn 35 until July of 1910. Her five children must have been driving her nuts. At this time, Katie Annie and Franklin had five living children, although six had been born. Apparently, our beloved Katie Annie had lost a child. But after four boys, she finally had a baby girl. They named their daughter Laura, after Franklin’s mother.

As of this census, they still lived in Millvale Borough, in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Katie and Franklin J. McClaskey had now been married 14 years.

Information about Katie Annie McClaskey taken from the 1920 U.S. Census:

Franklin J McClaskey Jr and Katie Annie, 1920 US Census, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Franklin J McClaskey Jr and Katie Annie, 1920 US Census, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Katie Annie McClaskey was 44 years old. As of this Census on January 10, 1920, Katie Annie still lived with her husband, Franklin, and their 5 children. But now they had a much larger household. Their household now included a daughter-in-law, Lillian, who was probably married to Franklin’s son, William F. McClaskey. William and Lillian had a 2-month-old newborn baby named W.F. McClaskey, whom also lived in their household. This W.F. McClaskey must have been Katie Annie’s and Franklin’s first grandchild. Wait, there’s more.

Katie Annie’s “in-laws” had also moved in. Ahhh, the dream of any housewife. Franklin’s parents, Isaac O. and Laura McClaskey, were living with Franklin and Katie. Also, Franklin’s sister, Maude, lived with them. There were 12 McClaskeys living under one roof in 1920. It’s known as the “Roaring Twenties” for a reason.

At this point, they had moved to Westview Borough, still in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

According to her tombstone, pictured at findagrave.com, Katie Annie McClaskey died just 3 years later, in 1923. She is buried at Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery in Millvale, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Her husband outlived her by 20 years. They now share a gravestone.

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  1. Katherine Allegra “Kate” (Johnston) was the daughter of William F Johnston and Mary Ann “Marge” (unknown). Born on 7/10/1875, she married Franklin on 11/21/1895. They had 4 boys and two girls, the first girl, Lilly died an infant.
    Kate wrote a poignant letter to her husband in 1919 with some updates to her last wishes. She survived to 1923, but the fact that the extended family lived together at the time of the 1920 census probably indicated that she was not well enough to take care of her household. Here is a transcript of her letter (I’ve got two copies in two different handwriting – this one was probably copied from the original).

    Sun Even. June 15,-1919
    My Dear John.
    There are somethings I forgot to say to you in the other note.
    When you can, place a small neat tombstone on Lillies’s grave it is something I always wanted to do.
    Please do not put any name on it but Lilly McClaskey Born Jan 3rd 1902 – Died Feb 4th 1903.
    I would like you to see that each of the children have a Bible as near like Lin’s as possible. I got his for him on his 21st birthday and always intended to get each one, one. I would like you to get one for yourself and mark the date we were married and the births in it, and read it sometimes dear as you should.
    The dates are
    Franklin John McClaskey and Katie A Johnston married Nov. 21-1895
    Franklin John McClaskey Jr Born Oct 29-1897
    William Farley McClaskey Born Nov 29-1898
    Alvin Edward McClaskey Born Feb 5th-1900
    Lillie McClaskey Born Jan 3-1902
    Benjamin Gilbert McClaskey born Sept 14-1904
    Laura, Sarah, Lillie McClaskey Born May 20-1908
    Katie A McClaskey Born July 10-75
    F.J.McClaskey Born Nov 7-74
    Lovingly Kate

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