Florence Marsh Lee

Florence Marsh Lee Female View treeBorn: 1878-08-05 Died: 1960-05-20
Father: Unspecified Mother: Unspecified
Children: Margaret Lee , Glenola Lee
Spouse: Joseph Lander Lee

Birth place: Staffordshire, England

Florence Marsh was not born with the surname ‘Lee.’ She married Joseph Lander Lee, so she became Florence Marsh Lee. I have yet to discover her maiden surname.

Information About Florence Marsh Lee take from the 1900 U.S. Census

Joseph Lander Lee and Florence, 1900 US Census, Jefferson, Pennsylvania

Joseph Lander Lee and Florence, 1900 US Census, Jefferson, Pennsylvania

On June 9, 1900, she lived in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania with her husband, Joseph Lander Lee, and their two baby girls. Joseph was 23 years old. Florence and Joseph Lee had been married 3 years. I have the date of their marriage as March 16, 1897. However, I cannot recall where I got that bit of information. I will check my sources and will post updates here.

Florence’s mother and father were born in England. She immigrated to the United States in 1883, when she was only five years old. 1883 was the same year that her husband immigrated. Perhaps they came together (although, she, from England, and he, from Scotland). As of this census in 1900, Florence had been in the U.S. 17 years.

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  1. According to two genealogies submitted to FamilySearch.com, Florence’s date of birth was 9/5/1878 (rather than 8/5), her maiden name was Marsh, and you have her correct date of marriage.

    The FamilySearch genealogies came from bnicholson2110472 and rtmarsh2098058. References given: microfilm: 1394232, submission: AF83-052666; microfilm: 1394176, submission: AF83-038776

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